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Just like how we need nutrition and fuel to thrive, the microbiome in our gut needs help to thrive too.

In recent years, research has associated a healthy gut with various health benefits including an improved immune system, mood, and mental health. The microbiome - sometimes called probiotics - are beneficial, some even necessary for a healthy body.

Here are 2 strategies you can take to improve that gut health:

  1. Have plenty of Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, and Legumes Besides the typical reason of these foods being nutrient-rich, they're also a source of fibre. Now I know what you're thinking - cough 💩 cough - but fibre is also important for our gut bacteria. They use fibre as a food source for growth. Ergo, the more fibre you consume, the more bacteria grow.

  2. Fermented foods This includes fermented foods such as Yogurt or Kombucha. Plain yogurt is a great source of gut-friendly bacteria, on top of other nutrients. While plain yogurt is great as it only contains milk with bacteria cultures, many yogurt products contain added sugar so choose wisely. I’m normally not a carbonated drinks fan, but Kombucha, a fermented tea is an exception.I recently discovered @taboocha Kombucha on tap in Sai Ying Pun and have been hooked since. While it does depend on the brewer, it could be a source of probiotics, and prebiotics.

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