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As I got older, I started to notice I couldn't train every day; and that certain foods and beverages would leave me feeling sick the next day. It made me rethink my thoughts and beliefs to what and why I was doing the things I was doing.

One of the biggest question that came to my head was:

Did I want to continue being (relatively) active, fit, and healthy until the day I just couldn't?

When I gave it some thought, the answer was simple: Yes.

I wasn't expecting myself to be the strongest or fastest woman alive. But at the very least, if my friends or family wanted to do something fun or go traveling, I didn't want my health or physical state to be the reason I couldn't join them.

Of course as you get older, the "maintenance" - the routines, self-care, nutrition - may change or build up; but it doesn't change the fact that we CAN still be active and healthy no matter the age.

And I get it. You didn't have to take a day or two to rest; nor watch what you eat so much. Hell, I was one of those people who used to say "What is rest?". Now, I'm one of those that say, "Nope. I'm resting today".

Things change. That's the only guarantee that we have.

Rather than focusing on what you CAN'T do, why not focus on what you CAN do?

Sometimes, when life feels like it's full of 💩, it can be a bit hard to see the latter. So at times, it's worth calling for help.

Comment down below with a 🖐 so we can figure out what your first step up is together.

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