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Tell me if you disagree: one of the easiest phrase to think, "I CAN'T do it".

I had a client who just kept saying it. She wanted to change, but she didn't take action. There was always a reason 🔥 why she couldn't do it.

Rather than giving up, I suggested we MAKE THE ACTIONS SMALLER until she was at least 90% sure she could do it.

One of her obstacles was Eating Vegetables 🥦. Together, we created a "win" system for her to eat vegetables for

🥇 60% of her meals each week

🥈 40% of her meals

🥉 20% of her meals

Having this tier meant that even if she could only do it 20% of the time, she still accomplished her task. 🏅

Over time, we'd change the % whenever she hit 🥇 until we reach her ultimate consistency of 80%. Nowadays, vegetables have become part of her lifestyle that she even has them during breakfast🍳.

If she can take charge of her life and change, YOU CAN too.

Comment down below with your most recent success!

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