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Believe it or not, your body is not invincible. It is an organic machine that is capable of doing incredible feats... with the condition you maintain it well.

Maintenance does mean giving yourself time to recover. And that has many layers: nutrition, sleep, stress management and much more.

The one I'd like to focus on today is Rest.

Professional athletes rest. Successful CEOs rest.

So why don't you?

You might go: Pfft. What is rest? I don't need rest.

I used to say that too. And I'm already starting to pay for all the damage I've chosen to ignore then now.

Or you might ask: How do I know whether I'm not resting enough?

Some things to watch out for include:

  • no or less appetite

  • muscles feel like they're forever sore

  • you have a hard time getting quality and/or quality sleep

  • your performance or productivity is getting worse

  • you get triggered or stressed easily

If you think you're not recovering properly and need inspiration or ideas, here are 2 activities you can do for rest

  1. Add 30 minutes of down time a day That could mean yoga, meditation, massage, warm bath, Jacuzzi, light conversation, laughing, reading, or anything to set your mind and body at ease.

  2. Do some low-intensity activities Engage in some light activities such as warm up, mobility work, flexibility work, or cool down. Think of them as pre-hab; to prevent injury.

With how hard you're hustling, you deserve to rest. Your body deserves it.

What do you do for rest?

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