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Before working with Absolute, I was a rugby player and I lost 20kg in 2 years with strict dieting and intensive workout. My diet was miserable: boiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and rice noodles without any seasoning from everyday for 2 years. I did not enjoy mealtime; I was only eating for SURVIVAL. But I lost 20 kg from the strict dieting and intensive workout. After achieving my targeted weight, I started to transition to a normal diet. At the same time, I graduated from university and started working. My diet wasn't as clean as before, while my workout intensity is not as high as before. I started gaining weight and fat, and I felt unhappy and guilty everyday. I tried to eat less and lower my carbohydrates intake, but it DID NOT work. Every time I met my grandma, she kept complaining how big I was and how I was fatter each time. I felt depressed and helpless.

I have decided to seek help from the professional, and this is how I started working with absolUte. When I first consulted with absolUte, it had an extensive analysis about my everyday food intake and eating habit. We discussed about my athletic goal and come up with an idea together: slowly cutting weight while keeping up with my athletic performance up. AbsolUte tailor-maked everyday macros for me to follow and educates me about food choices. I learnt more knowledge about food and tried to experiment how my body reacts to different kind of food. I was shocked to know I DID NOT EAT ENOUGH and that is why I kept gaining weight. We reviewed regularly and made changes accordingly. After working with them, my body fats started to drop and my body is gaining muscle. I am grateful to how they helped to enhance my athletic performance and also change my relationship with food. I am happy and I enjoy my mealtime everyday now. Working with absolUte is one of the best decision I made.


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absolUte showed me that I can reach my desired weight and form without sacrificing the food and lifestyle I want.


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