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I feel like with so many diets taking the health industry by storm, and our lives becoming so rushed, a lot of us forget that our bodies are actually amazing self-regulating living machines.

Our ancestors didn't know much about calorie counting, keto, paleo, or whatever diet you can think of. And yet, they thrived.

Unfortunately with the accessibility of the internet nowadays - and also impatience, I admit 😅 - many of us, my younger self included, end up opting for the fastest way to get to our destination.

Don't get me wrong. It's awesome to see the scale go down like that roller coaster ride we went on that one summer.

But then we can forget to enjoy that the food we eat, and the company that we're with all for trying to hit numbers an algorithm tells us we need to reach.

So when I discovered Intuitive Eating, I was intrigued!

The idea that I could

1. reject the diet mentality,

2. honor my hunger,

3. make peace with food,

4. challenge the food police 👮🏻‍♂️,

5. respect your fullness,

6. discover the satisfaction factor,

7. honor your feelings without using food,

8. respect your body, and

9. exercise

10. honor your health

That I could keep my body in good health without going on a strict diet or rigid exercise regime sounded fictional. But I have learned that it's possible!

What winning strategies do you follow for food?

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