I respect that yoga does have its benefits; it's just never really been my thing. I've tried - like REALLY tried 🙈 - getting into it. I just couldn't connect with it. It didn't resonate with me.

However, I knew I needed to find other ways to help with my recovery. So with a bit of research and experimenting, I finally found recovery methods that worked for me.

Here are 2 easy ways for better recovery

  1. Hot and Cold Showers 🥵🥶🚿 This one gets your blood pumping, literally. I love doing this after a hard session of sparring or weights. 3-5 minutes of alternating 30 seconds of hot and cold water and you're done!

  2. Foam Rolling (or Lacrosse Ball) I try to do this once daily. I get stiff everywhere, especially recently I've been sitting down more and moving around less (#wfh 😅). So this helps release the knots and loosens up the body in 20 minutes or less.

These aren't the only ways to recover, of course. Doing them is better than doing nothing. 😉

Inspire us below with your recovery routine!


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