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Having been in the fitness industry for some time now, it's so easy to get swept by the currents of trends that pass us by.

I remember when I was at a gym in 2016, many members were doing Keto. At the time I was also a BJJ competitor who needed to cut 2kg unless I was willing to be the lightest person in a heavier weight class (thinking back, it was a silly thought).

You can imagine I was not happy in those 2 weeks of cutting. I made weight with a cranky mood, took the stress out on my opponent, and sometimes got gold.

This streak kept going for a few years, until one day I attended a class held by a sports nutritionist and what he said blew my mind:

Most pro athletes don't follow restrictive diets.

Then you ask:

So, Abs, if you're telling me not to diet, what should I do instead?

Glad you asked, my friend. Here are 2 tools you'll need to live a long, healthy, and happy life enjoying food

  1. Trust Your Body Your body is actually capable of knowing when it's had enough. You just need to cancel out all the noise that surrounds you - such as TV, music - while you eat and start practicing mindful eating. This means becoming aware of food you put in your mouth: its texture, taste, smell, look, and sounds. Not only that but also pay attention to your belly. Are you still eating because you're actually hungry or are you just eating because you want something in your mouth?

  2. Use your hands Your hands are your best friends. You can use them to help measure out the portions of each individual food groups you eat. Cupped hands for Carbs, Palm for Protein, and Thumbs for Fat. Start off with one portion each, then if you notice you're still hungry, start adding more portions.

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