This year has been a roller coaster🎢. Changes are happening at drastic rates that have massively affected your work, personal life, and health.

Regardless of the situation and its difficulty, it's YOUR RESPONSE that is crucial💬.

With persistent lock-downs and the festivities 🎁🎄, here are 2 ways you could move more at home:

  1. 🎮 Play a game Place your equipment somewhere in your house where you will occasionally see it. Whenever you see it throughout the day, do 10-20 reps. E.g. dumbbells in the living room. Whenever you go there, do 15 reps of thrusters.

  2. 👯Buddy workout Partner workouts can add fun and dynamic to workouts. You can alternate or use each other as your "weight".

If you need help coming up with ways to make your workout fun, DM me and let's sort you out for the holidays 🎅.

How do you stay active at home?

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