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Whether you want

🤸🏻‍♂️ a toned body,

⬆️ to increase your BMR (Basal metabolic rate), or

💪🏻 just bulk/get stronger,

you need to increase your muscle mass.

To increase your muscle mass, you need to train right, and EAT RIGHT🍱.

I had a client who struggled with gaining muscle even though he had a lot of protein 🍖. For years, he thought he just wasn't meant to be big 🧬

After evaluating his diet, we found

🔢 He wasn't eating enough calories

🍚 He didn't like to eat CARBS

Carbs are important when increasing muscle mass because they

⛽ prevent your muscles from being used as fuel for recovery

💪🏻 replenish muscle glycogen (stored sugar) that was used during training

Once we changed those to suit his lifestyle, he finally started gaining muscle! 🙌🏻

After about 6 months, he reached his desired build. So we discussed how he could maintain the build before finishing the program! 🍛

Occasionally, we catch up to check his status and it's so awesome to see that he's able to keep it up even now!

Wanna know more about his program? DM with a 💪🏻

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