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We’ve covered all of the macronutrients; now let’s talk about your micronutrients. In short, while macronutrients are important for fuelling our performance, micronutrients are there for protection.

They help keep your body going when times get hard. While your macros give you the raw materials to make energy, build fix muscles and/or injuries, your micronutrients will be the workmen who help make that energy, make sure your systems are functioning properly, glue your raw materials together, among other things.

Bottom line is: macronutrients are important, but micronutrients are just as important - if not more - thanks to their different abilities.

Athletes who train hours on end each day every day need to pay even more attention to their micronutrient intake for a lot of reasons. To name a few: they generally need more energy, their bodies constantly experience physical damage - no matter how minute, and their immune system is always at higher risk due to the constant mental and physical stress that they have to endure.

The simple solution: Eat the right quantity of foods for the macronutrients. Eat the rainbow for the micronutrients. 🌈🏳️‍🌈

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