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As a coach, I get asked: What do you (as in me) eat?

My answer has always been the same: Food. I eat food.

While yes, the bulk of my meals are nutrition-dense, whole foods so my body gets the fuel and nutrients it needs to function properly, I also eat because I enjoy food. Categorizing food as carbs, proteins, fats, and fruits & vegetables is a great tool to have, however it's not the only tool to use.

I think many - if not all of us, myself included - would like to eat food not just because we know our bodies need it. We also eat because it's a time to spend with friends and/or family; it's a time to relax; it's a pleasurable or adventurous experience on its own.

Here are 2 options you can take to make your eating experience fun and nutritious!

  1. Start eating with your eyes We don't start eating with our mouth; we start eating with our eyes. One way to make salivating meals is by adding color. You can plate up yellow eggs with green avocado, purple cabbage, red macaroni, and white yogurt. The variety in color makes even your plainest meals oh-so-delicious!

  2. Adjust old recipes or try new recipes Eating the same thing every day/week/month can get bland and boring. You can change up the seasoning (herbs are such a wonder!) or pick up that old recipe you haven't tried before!

What's the funnest thing you've tried with your food recently?

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