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I had a client who came to me because she wanted to lose weight, while still training and competing in Olympic weightlifting🏋️‍♂‍. What’s more she had relatives that would comment on her weight gain repeatedly. 😖

She tried restrictive dieting before and couldn't bear eating plain chicken breast🐓 and broccoli🥦 all day again.

Her options?

We went through 🍣🥗💭🤔🏋️‍♀️. She was shocked to learn she wasn’t eating enough to lose weight.

We added strategies and routines to help her lose weight while keeping her performance at work and in the gym high. 🚫No restrictive dieting; just proven actions to move her towards her goal.🎯

After the first 2 weeks, she got back on the scale. She lost body fat and gained muscle. She was also doing better while training. 💪 She started to feel more confident in herself and wanted to keep going.

2 months into the program, she kept losing fat and gaining muscle. Her relatives noticed and stopped commenting on her weight.

In her 3rd and last month with me, she had a competition coming up. We switched up her nutrition to better prepare her for the competition.

She won first place that day! 🥇

To get more details of her program, book an explore call by clicking here!

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