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Since I graduated from university - yes this was years ago 🙈 - one thing I realized is the importance of direction.

And because I was lacking this, I felt like I was blindly walking down a rabbit hole to an unknown destination🐇. This led to a lot of anger, frustration, and even loss of my sense of self.

Yea I was still paying the bills and having fun. It just didn't feel as satisfying as before. It didn't give me a sense of purpose.

One day, I had a thought:

Rather than waiting to be given a direction, I'd make my own (shocking, I know🤯).

I started listening to speakers like Mel Robbins and Tony Robbins. I did what they called "A Brain Dump"🧠.

I started thinking about what I wanted out of my life:

  1. What was my Big End Goal, My Ideal Big Picture. To be happy, have financial freedom, or to have my black belt in Jiu-jitsu?

  2. When do I want to reach that Ideal situation? 20 years from now, 10 years from now, 5 years from now?

  3. Once I knew my Big Picture and when I wanted to hit it, I started looking at what I had to do to get to that big picture. Could I continue with my current situation? If not, what did I need to change to bring me closer to my end goal?

  4. I broke down those changes to smaller, doable changes, and gave them a rough timeline.

  5. Just do it. If there's anything I've learned it's that: the biggest regrets are NOT from the things I did do, but from the things I DIDN'T do.

Give me a 🍻 to No Regrets!

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