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Thinking back, my INCONSISTENCY was my DOWNFALL📉.

I was so impatient in getting results that I did everything I could to get results as soon as I could. 🏃🏻‍♀️ While I achieved my target FAST, it didn't last long. I felt like 💩 and quickly lost all the progress I made.

🤬 It was the most frustrating, vicious cycle I put myself in.

After giving it more thought, I decided to try something else. I decided to be more organised while holding myself accountable☑️📖.

I did this by:

📆 Creating a "monthly project" with required corresponding actions

📔 Adding those actions to my weekly schedule

✔️ Having a checklist to literally tick off to keep myself accountable

🤔 Spending time to reflect how consistent I was at implementing them

This was easier said than done; and it did take some time to execute😅. But after weeks – sometimes months – of conscious action, it's now almost second nature.

Nowadays, whenever there is a change I want to add to my lifestyle, I repeat these steps! 🔥

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