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Oftentimes, when it comes to nutrition, people may think you’re either on a diet or you’re not.

If you are, you gotta follow it to a fault. No exceptions or screw ups🙅🏻‍♀️. You're either in or out.

But the truth is, it’s not.

It’s not all or nothing. Consumed in moderation, you can generally eat anything. It’s when you consume something in excess that needs adjusting; this includes any food whether that's 🥦🥗 or🍟🍔.

Understandably, with all the happenings in our lives, sometimes it’s hard to tell, “What is ‘enough’ or ‘too much’?” That’s where I come in.

Together with my clients, we

- Discover what is the right amount for them through regular assessments 🔍(cuz I'm a nerd that way 🤓)

- Implement strategies that work with their daily lifestyle, not against it 📝

- Clarify goals so that we have a clear direction to move towards 🥇

Messy action is better than perfect inaction. (Try saying that 5 times 😉)

Comment with a 🔥 to making progress and reaching goals!

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