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Everything comes with instant gratification these days.

We don't have to wait hours for food if we didn't want to; nor do we have to wait long until someone gives us a 👍 on a photo we just posted. On top of that, we get to experience these with little effort on our part.

As a result, we've trained ourselves to think many things including our health - our weight, our body composition, our performance - should have instant results once we've made changes.

Let me be real here. If you want the results to last, it's going to take more than the best supplements, diet, machines, and other fancy tools.

It's going to take consistency. Consistency is one of the hardest things to keep up. Not because the action is hard, but because you have to do it every, single, day.

Good news is, there are many ways to become consistent.

For me, these worked:

  • I held myself accountable through habit tracking e.g. vegetables during lunch & dinner ✅

  • I adjusted my environment so that it was easier for me to do the habit I wanted e.g. have a 1L bottle with me to drink enough water💧

  • I took it slowwww but surely 🐢 e.g. from training once a week to 5-6 times a week

At the end of the day, it gets down to just doing it. It is going to be hard at first and personally, I have "failed" a lot (I still do for new habits that I'm building up). However, eventually, habits start to stick easier and more often.

Before you know it, it will become a no-brainer to do it often if not every day.

Save this post for simple, consistency tools! 🙌

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