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As I was training the other day, a friend asked me,

"I'm trying to lose weight, is it ok for me to have tofu-fa (aka tofu custard or tofu pudding🍮)?".

They were so anxious about losing weight that they were considering skipping this dessert.

I get it. I've been there. This was me 1.5 years ago actually. Doing purely weights wasn't fun, so I didn't go often and all out😩. Work life was busy so didn't have much of a social life (it's no excuse, I know that now).

The only comfort I had was food🍫🍪☕, which was counter-intuitive because I was trying to get lean at the time.

Losing weight was frustrating and stressful, whether it was calorie counting, cutting out carbs🚫🍞🍚🍝🚫, or skipping meals.

At the end what worked was, being aware and learning of my hunger cues😋😋. I eat when I'm hungry, and don't eat when I'm not.

There are many factors to consider to that such as

- is it truly hunger or just a craving? 🤔

- am I eating out of boredom?

- am I eating too fast?

- am I 80% full?

- (for my bossladies) is it that time of the month? and more...

But once you've built that foundation, it results in effortless, stress-free, and guilt-free eating🙌. The best part for me was, I lost weight without noticing. I enjoyed the food I ate, I enjoyed the company that I was with, and I was happy😊😊. .

These days my meals contain healthy, clean food, but if I was to indulge once in a while, I do. 🍪🍦🍰🍮 Occasionally, I would count my intake just to be sure I'm still on track. Good news is I am!

If you want more info on how this can work for you, let me know! I'm more than happy to share what I have tried and support you move towards your goal!

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