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There was a time when I would count calories to a fault , be obsessed with what was going into my body🔍, and/or abstain eating at social events for the sake of keeping my perfect diet so that I could be a certain weight.

In one phrase: it was exhausting😫.

While it got me results quick, I couldn't keep it up for long. I never missed 🍝🍚🍜🍪🍰 so bad. I remember I felt horrible when I turned down cake from a friend.

Then when I couldn't keep it up anymore, my weight bounced back up like a 🏀 ball. It was a frustrating, vicious cycle that I couldn't wait to get out of.

One day it hit me; I didn't have to be in this vicious cycle. I wasn't a professional athlete🏋️, nor did my job need me to be in a certain weight-class⚖️.

While I loved being fit and at the top of my game 💪🏻, I loved spending time with friends, and enjoying food🍣 and life😂 more. Plus, there’s also work and other responsibilities (Makes me wish I had more than 24 hours).

With that in mind, I switched up my strategies so that while I would eat about 80% clean and healthy most of the time🥦🥑🍖, if I wanted 🍫, I'd savor it guilt-free.

Why 80%? Because that is the consistency that worked for me. 80% meant that I could have 1 meal out of 5 that didn’t need to be completely healthy 😋. It doesn’t have to be 80%, but find a consistency that works for you and that you’re happy with 😊.

The result for me: I don't feel like I'm missing out. Best of all, I am in one of the best shapes of my life (if I do say so myself) 🥋. And I’m happy.

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