The first step to losing weight is going into it with AN ABUNDANCE MINDSET.

A scarcity mindset sounds like

⚖️ I can't lose weight

👙 She can be skinny/sexy, but not me

💪🏻 He can be muscular/strong but not me

🥗 I've gone on diets but I still can't lose weight

I understand. Sometimes we can't help it, and it can be easy to fall into this 🧠 trap.

An abundance mindset sounds like

🙋🏻‍♀️ I CAN lose weight

👙 I CAN be skinny/sexy

💪🏻 I CAN be muscular/strong

❤️ My health is MY PRIORITY

Whatever mindset you have will determine your future. Our brains will make subconscious decisions to meet our expectations (like a self-fulfilling prophecy🤓).

But the truth is: we can't predict our future.

All we can do is react and take action with the cards we're given🃏. The first step is to CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE💭.

If you want to lose weight/be skinny/muscular/be fit/be healthy

💭 CHANGE your Perspective/Expectation

🏯 INVEST in your Health


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