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Ever felt like you're doing everything right and things are still going wrong?

This was my client's experience.

When we first started, her goals were to

1️⃣ Lose weight

2️⃣ Be healthy in the long run

3️⃣ Look Good again

During my first week with her, we discussed about tracking her food intake. We found she

🧁 Snacked more than she'd like

😒 Was getting bored with her main meals 🥦

From this, we discussed what she could do. These included

📚 Adding more variety to her meals

📑 A guide for how much 🍠🍖🥑🥬 she should aim to eat daily

The first month was tricky. Sometimes it felt easier to go back to her comfort zone. But after that, we found her footing and she started seeing progress 📈.

After 3 months, her biggest win 🥇 was when she tried on an outfit she hadn’t worn in 2 years 👗. She thought "I look GOOD!"

She was amazed and happy to see she could

😋 Still ENJOY her food

🙅🏻‍♀️ Desire snacks less

🎯 Move towards her goals!

Want to get unstuck and look good?

Comment down below with a "ME" and let’s get started!

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