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Whether they’re losing fat or gaining lean body mass (LBM), one of the biggest obstacles that discourages my clients is when their expectations 💭 don’t meet their reality 📈.

It may be tempting to want results NOW 🤬👇🏻, and the idea of taking 3 months or more to get results can sound LONG 😱.

However, would you either get faster, TEMPORARY results or slower, PERMANENT results🎯?

Let’s say you want to increase your LBM. 💪🏻

A healthy rate would be to gain 1-2kg of LBM per month🏋🏻‍♂️. That means in a year, you can gain at most 24kg of LBM.

During your journey, you will need to be mindful of

  1. 🍱 What You Eat You will need adequate carb- and protein-dense meals

  2. ⏰ When You Eat You'll need to fuel your body before training and re-fuel it after training

  3. 🏋🏻‍♀️ Your Training Routine A certain amount of intensity and volume will be needed to stimulate muscle fibers to tear for growth

  4. 😴 Your Recovery Recovery is part of training as well. it gives our bodies time to regenerate from training

Not gonna lie: it WILL BE A CHALLENGE. 🤯

But, so long as expectations and reality are aligned, the journey will be easier and the likelihood of hitting those target goals higher.

I’ve been there. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my coaches and friends.

This is why during my time with my crew, I make sure they get the support that they need. That could be

  • Nutrition Coaching 🍱

  • Troubleshoot Obstacles 🚧

  • Moral Support 👂🏻

Give me a 👂🏻 to having a supportive community!!

For more tips and tricks, follow us on Instagram (@urabsolute) and Facebook (@urabsolutecoach)!

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