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When I first graduated from university, I didn't have much to think about: just a job, and train. That's it.

But when things piled on including moving out, starting a side hustle on top of my day job, things fell out of whack. I found it so hard to find time for everything. So I ended up frozen, overwhelmed and couldn't do anything.

Rather than blaming everyone else and playing the victim, I did something about it.

I decided to be more organised and be more structured with my life. To do this, I implemented these 3 steps.

  1. List Down My Big Rocks I listed out my non-negotiables: what I had to had each day, week, or month. That included my health, family, and friends; essentially what I could not live without. Make time for those.

  2. Next, My Pebbles These were what gave my life more meaning. My hobbies, my side hustle were some of those. While they are important, they are not critical for me to keep me sane.

  3. Lastly, Sand I can add the things that don't give much purpose in my life but need and/or want to do anyway. This could be errands, chores, and even just procrastination.

After doing these steps, I got overwhelmed less. And from then on, I can handle more tasks with less stress.

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