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I've been competing in BJJ since 2014, and winning some along the way.

Thinking back though, I never had a game plan.

Then in the Summer of 2018, I decided it was time for a change. Without going into specifics, it wasn't a great year to begin with, and felt like a lot of things were spiraling out of control. So I decided to take control of what I could, starting with my competition.

It was a Game Changer!

Starting with my nutrition and mindset, I noted my bottom line and what I needed to get to my target weight and keep up my performance from those fronts. I was just missing one area.

At the time, I had limited knowledge on incorporating strength and conditioning with BJJ, so I had my training program planned out by @ringo94hk.

Needless to say, the combination of these components made it easier to cope with the weeks leading up to the competition, and it helped me focus and not feel like a headless chicken 🐓.

These days, I believe planning ahead makes a difference in helping anyone achieve their goals.

Comment below with 💪🏻 if you plan ahead!

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