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Our quality of life is affected by different aspects including the food we eat. In the face-paced world that we live in today, it only seems natural that many of us will choose to eat what's convenient.

This is especially true when you've just started working (at least for me).

In my early 20s, cooking was such a bother that I sometimes reached for the closest instant pasta 🍝 I could get for lunch or go to the cheapest cha chaan teng (HK-style cafes).

Unfortunately, when food is convenient, at least one of many things happen:

  • it has less nutritional value 👎🏻

  • it has added preservatives that sometimes aren't great for our health

It was around my mid- to late-20s that I started exploring my local grocery stores more often. I began to look at nutrition labels and ingredients list📝. (Generally, the smaller the list, the less processed the item is.)

Instead of going for chicken nuggets, I went for a whole roasted chicken 🍗. I could then save up the leftovers from that roast for the next few days. It was still more expensive than the nuggets, but it was definitely cheaper (and less painful) than hospital bills if I got sick.

In the markets, I'd look at what's in season as they too would be cheaper for the quality I'd get.

Fast forward to today, the lockdown has given us the opportunity to get familiar and comfortable with cooking at home since we're home more.

So if there's anything good that has come out of this lockdown, it's that it has given us the time to implement habits that we were too busy to apply before.

Gimme a 🍗 if you like quality food and quality life!

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