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How often do you hold off doing something because you’re “busy”? To be honest, I’ve lost count in the past. I used to be proud of myself whenever I was busy 💰.

Before realising it, the word “busy” itself subconsciously held a negative meaning. It became a mental barrier 🚧; an excuse to why I didn’t do certain activities I wanted to do.

That included sports🥋, catching up with friends👯, resting🛌, my health and fitness🏋️, and overall, getting things done.

When I realised what was happening, I shifted my perspective🧐.

I told myself:

Don’t Be “Busy”. Be “Productive”.

That tiny shift caused a change in my head. I started to hold myself accountable for the things I said I’d do. And got a lot more shit 💩 done. Instead of finding excuses for why I can’t, I found reasons for why I can ✔️.

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