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Have you experienced this?

You wake up exhausted. Your workday was either stressful, boring, or 💩.

You go to the gym after work, hoping you'll feel better. But you go home irritated because you did horribly there too. At home, you chug your dinner, shower, then get to bed 🔋😫.

There, you feel briefly relieved the day is over. Hours pass, you still can't fall asleep.😳 Eventually, you somehow manage to pass out frustrated, only to wake up exhausted again. 😩

This was my vicious cycle in the past.

What stopped this was when I became aware of the issue: Sleep. 🛌

After that, I took the time to find out ways to get better quantity and quality sleep.

I experimented with

  • 🍒Tart cherry 30ml of this natural source of melatonin helped knocked me out every single time I took it an hour before bed. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties

  • 📍Morning & Night routines By establishing routines to my mornings and evenings, my body "knew" when it had to wake up and when it's time for bed. It made it easier to feel sleepy consistently

  • 🧘🏻‍♀️Meditation I do this for the days that are packed with stress so to calm my mind and be present as I go to bed.

To a certain degree, each one of them worked.

These days, depending on the day, I will do one of them. Goodbye, sleepless nights, tired mornings, and zombie days🧟‍♀️. Hello peaceful nights, refreshed mornings, and productive days at work AND gym! 🤓

These are some strategies that I would recommend if I was helping someone who had trouble sleeping.

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