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When it comes to food intake - i.e. eating - many people seem to think that to be healthy you can only eat items such as broccoli and chicken breasts all the time.

While it's not wrong to eat these, it can be very difficult to ask someone who was previously on a completely different diet to make that switch. There's nothing wrong with having a slice of pizza either.

So rather than making that big 180 degree change, here are 5 small, simple changes you can make to transform your meals over time

  1. Check-in on yourself There are 2 things you should consider at this stage: - What are you currently eating on a daily basis? Are you having take away, restaurant food, or homemade? Are you having calorie-dense, convenient food or nutrition-dense food? - How are you eating on a daily basis? Do you eat while working, watching tv, or savoring your meal?

  2. Think about a food prep ritual This doesn't necessarily mean meal preps on Sundays (although if you can, why not?). What I mean to say here is think of ways to make the slightly-better-food-choices more accessible to you. That could mean different things to different people. For some it's cutting up ingredients in advance. Others, it could mean grocery shopping one day. Even setting aside cash for that quality restaurant you'll eat once in a while. Whatever messy action it is, just do it. It's not about perfection, but progression.

  3. Set yourself up for success So you've made it easier for yourself to have those nutrition-dense foods your body oh-so-needs. Next, make it easier on yourself to make the change and stick to it. That could be making some not-so-nutritious foods "harder" or less convenient to get. E.g. if you want that Snickers bar, you have to go to the store to buy one bar every, single time. It could also be non-food related. By choosing the clothes you will wear tomorrow, you have more time to prepare your breakfast the next morning. This will reduce the stress too.

  4. Take it slow Things take time. Rome wasn't built in a day so how could life-long habits be? Allow yourself to potentially be horrible at the beginning. You will get better and it'll get easier over time. Just have a bit more patience (I know it's hard but try it anyway!).

  5. Enjoy the journey Don't forget it's not just about the destination, but the journey itself too! What's so good about being the leanest person in the room if it means you can't eat anything or socialize fully with your friends because you'll be tempted with cake? Experiment to discover that balance between "healthy" and "naughty". Savor the food you eat and the experiences you have.

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