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Different people have different goals 🎯 and perceptions👓. To some, looking good naked means losing weight - or more specifically fat. To others, it's to bulk up and gain muscle (lean body mass) 💪🏻.

And for certain people, it's a combination of both. Whichever way you choose, just know that it's the right one for YOU .

Take this person's story 📖...

He was never the muscular type growing up. Hell, he tried everything he could think of. Drinking protein shakes religiously , eating big meals🍱, and going to the gym to do resistance training🏋🏻‍♂️. It was't enough; he wasn't getting any bigger.

So we looked at his diet, training, and daily choices.

What we found was:

✔️His training was on-point

🤔His diet was not helping him move towards his goal

🤔His daily choices also needed some adjusting

To adjust his diet to help him move towards his goal, he had to:

  1. Consume 3-7g/kg body weight of carbohydrates 🍚🍞🌽🍉Not only do consuming carbohydrates prevent our muscles from being used as energy, it also replenishes the stored glycogen our body uses up during exercise.

  2. Consume 1.8-2g/kg body weight of protein 🍖🍗This amount will promote muscle growth and repair throughout the day

  3. Expect a lean body mass increase of 1-4kg every month 👌🏻👌🏻 Building muscle takes more time than losing it. Research has shown that a healthy rate of muscle growth is 1-2kg per month

That meant he needed to change his macros intake 🍠🥩🥑, and be more conscious about his daily habits and choices. On top of that, we set a timeline to what was a healthy rate of muscle growth for him 💪🏻.

After we discussed those and implement strategies that he could do every day 📝, he started to be more consistent and really commit to bulking.

Initially, he thought it would be a breeze knowing he just had to eat more 🤤. He soon found it was harder than he thought as he had to eat more than ever before. But he pushed through it!

Consequently, after half a year, he bulked up to the weight that he wanted. It was tough as he got closer to the end but he did it!

Afterwards, we went through what he needed to do to maintain the weight😎. He was relieved, he didn't have to eat as much and ecstatic that he finally reached his goal body.

Comment below with a 💪🏻 for achieving your goals.

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