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Imagine this. 💭

You tell yourself

"I'm going to exercise x times this week!"

Every time you scheduled to work out, something happens.

🗣️ You have a last minute meeting or change in schedule

💤 You couldn't wake up early enough

😩 You're too tired to workout

This was my client's story. She wanted to work out 4 times a week but she had trouble consistently hitting it for a long time. The gyms being closed made it even harder to work out. ☠️

After further discussion, we looked at what she could do to get herself to exercise more consistently.

We came up with

🕚 Going to bed by 11pm at least 5 nights a week

🕕 Waking up by 6am

🕖 Working out in the morning before work

Sometimes the actions we need to take isn't directly related to the change we want to make but they are connected, nonetheless. 🔗

We chose an action that was incredibly easy for her to do to boost her confidence 💯 and take her one step closer to her target!

Ever since she started going to bed by 11pm, 💡 she realized it was so much easier to wake up and get the workout done in the morning.

After weeks of practice, it is now her routine to get to bed by 11pm and workout in the mornings. 🏃🏻‍♀️

What tip do you have to get yourself to workout? 💁🏻‍♀️

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