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Everyone has different opinions, views, and beliefs. Our beliefs shape our reality through the choices and priorities we make.

That includes your choices and priorities with the food you eat.

This is coming from me; someone who has experienced diets such as Keto and Intermittent Fasting. Whichever strategy you choose, those who have found success when it comes to eating have these 3 beliefs in common:

  1. Choose Minimally Processed Foods That includes less refined carbs, less added sugar, less trans fat, if any at all. While the additional processing allows for foods to last longer, they will either add calories unnecessarily, f**k up your taste buds, or simply be more addictive so you will consume more before becoming satisfied.

  2. Have More Vegetables & Fiber When you fill your plate with a variety of vegetables of different colors, not only do you appeal to your sense of taste but also your vision. Have you ever called a colorful dish disgusting?

  3. Focus On Food, Not Calories Rather than looking at the glass as half-empty, look at it half-full. Instead of restricting yourself through calories, focus on giving your body the nutrition it deserves so it can function at its best.

What do you believe in?

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