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One of my biggest struggles growing up was the seemingly endless conflict between being fit and enjoying my life.

I wanted to be healthy, have definition on my 💪🏻, abs, and 🍑. I also wanted my 🍕🍫🍪. It wasn't until after university that I truly dove into health & fitness and looked at the costs of being lean.

I now know I DO NOT have to be 💯 perfect with my food choices and training 24/7. I just have to be consistent 80% of the time. Why 80%? That's the consistency that I can sustainably keep.

80% of my choices around fitness and training will help me move towards my physical goals and needs. These include my training schedule🏋🏻‍♀️🥋, recovery strategies💧🛌, meals🍳🍎🥑. The rest of the 20% I can be a bit more flexible.

This way allows me a certain room for "error", but enough structure to give me a clear direction on where I'm going and why I'm doing what I'm doing.

I'm happy😁 and able to continue this lifestyle for years, have and maintain the body I want, and am fit enough to do whatever activity I want to do.

What's your favourite way to stay fit?

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