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A lot of things require patience; whether it’s related to your health, your career, or just where you are in life overall.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s important to remember that sustainable permanent change takes time.

Someone once told me: you can have quick, and temporary fixes or slower, permanent ones. I used to pick the former - ‘cuz you know, YOLO - but I easily burned out, and I soon found myself back at square one. Sometimes even Square zero or negative, if there was such a thing.

Eventually I decided to go a different way. I decided to focus on the now, and the actions I was going to take to move forward for the long run. While the process was painfully slow mentally, the days passed into weeks, and weeks into months, and so on.

Next thing I knew, I look back and I am no longer in Square one. I surpassed my original goals. People around me noticed I looked different too. I carried myself differently.

What did I do to get to where I was in this photo? A mix of resistance training, metcon, and a lot of sweat and tears - literally.

I’m not trying to turn people off. What I’m trying to say is that, the best things in life take time. And the hard times are bound to be there to teach us our lessons, but they will never last, unless you let them.

So tell me, what do you need to be patient for?

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