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Similar to food, what we drink - and how much of it - affects our daily functioning 💪 and productivity🧠. And similar to your food choices, it depends on your overall health goal.

If you want an above-average health, athletic performance, and/or body composition, drinking alcohol every other day might not be the best option for you.

If we categorize drinks, we can break it down into plain water💧, sweetened🍬, carbonated, tea🍵 & coffee☕, dairy & plant milks🥛, recovery & performance drinks, and alcohol🥃.

While everyone’s gut and choices are different, here are 2 quick tips anyone can do to for better overall fluid intake:

  1. Prioritize drinking water 💦 Research has shown that for someone who drinks 3L a day, about 1.5L should come from water. If counting litres is tricky, look at your pee 🚽. If The lighter the color, the better! 🤭🤫

  2. Drink less sweetened, creamed, and/or processed drinks These tend to add more calories into your diet without you knowing it😱. Even fruit juice can have more sugar, less fiber and nutrients than the actual fruit. So, best to drink these occasionally.

Having said that, at the end of the day, it's all up to you, "How would you feel mentally and physically when you drink your beverage?" DM me if you want more information or to get on the waitlist for my upcoming program!

Comment down below with your favorite drink! ☕

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