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When is it alright to train when you’re unwell? To put it simply, when you’re “not too sick” you can do light to moderate exercise to get the heart rate up. What do I mean by “not too sick”? It means you don’t have body aches and/or headache, no fever, minimal - and I mean minimal - coughing/sore throat, and appetite is normal. You can pretty much function 80-90% normally.

Using myself as an example. With all the stress-inducing events occurring in the past year, my body finally caved and I got the worst tonsillitis in my life. After the fever passed, the question that frequently caught up to me was “can I train tomorrow?”

Unfortunately, for the first 2 weeks, it was a no 😂😭. I kept reminding myself of how I got in this mess to begin with - my throat felt funny that morning and I still decided to train and work. Then that evening, 💥 fever and I was out of training for at least 2 weeks on coach’s orders.


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