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When things don't work out the way we planned them to, oftentimes it leads to guilt. We may end up thinking we're incapable or incompetent.

But believe it or not, our external environment impacts how we make decisions even when it comes to food. That includes our homes, offices, school, friends, and family.

We end up eating 🍕🍟🍔🍪🍩🍫 it's because they're easily accessible or we just see them on the table in our living room, or in your desk drawer in the office.

To set yourself up for success and not feel guilty for food you did or didn't eat is to make your environment work in your favor.

Here are 2 strategies you can take your environment work for you and not the other way round 😉

  1. Hide Your Junk This may sound stupid but stash them away. Hide them so that if you want them, you have to get up, go to your hidden spot to fetch your desired snack.

  2. Don't Buy Them Again, this may sound silly but don't buy them when you go grocery shop. This way you won't even have them in your home or desk in the first place. So you either have to make it yourself or you have to go down and buy.

Adding even just an extra level of inconvenience may be enough to prevent you from eating foods that could make you feel guilty!

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