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Many people think that in order to be “healthy”, you have to forgo many - if not all - foods you love to eat. It’s all or nothing when it comes to your health.

That is simply Not True.

Moderately indulging in food you love once in a while will not make you gain weight. You’d have to eat a lot of it and/or often to lead to a calorie/energy surplus, which in turn lead to weight gain.

So just how can you have a healthy body and enjoy that decadent treat?

Rather than entirely giving up on 🥞🍻🍪🍫🍹🍰🧁🥧🍦🍩🍕🍟🍔🥓 (among other things delicious), understand that it’s alright to have them and allow yourself to enjoy and savour the moment.

If you have to have a number, try 80/20: 80% of the time, eat nutrition-dense foods; 20% eat your deepest, darkest desires.

What food can you not live without?

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1 Comment

Jose Allan Tan
Jose Allan Tan
Apr 10, 2020

Most so called health fads are a take it or leave it. Urabsolute offers a middle ground to enjoy life while staying healthy. Thanks.

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