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Time for life to go back to normal. Or so they say, before this pandemic brought us all to our knees.

But could we really go back to the way things were before Covid-19? Yes and no. When our world is flipped upside down, there will be permanent changes in our lifestyle.

Question now is, what to do when the quarantine is/will be over?

Move forward, of course. But how?

Here's a way to keep the "good" habits you've built during the quarantine:

  1. Do a habit "brain dump" Make a list of all the habits you picked up during quarantine. Doesn't matter if they're "good" or "bad"

  2. Categorize them as habits you want to keep, improve on, or get rid of You can do something creative like using highlighters or post it notes on your wall

  3. Simple & easy steps Write down simple, easy action steps you can do for those habits that you want to keep or improve on

  4. Practice the habits in step 3 as often as you can

For me, I want to continue eating home cooked meals regularly so my action steps include grocery shopping once or twice a week, and doing some meal prep on the weekend with the focus of eating whole foods around 80% of the time.

A habit I could improve on will be to regulate my body clock now that "office hours" are back. That means slowly adjusting back to waking up and stopping work earlier too! I'll adjust it hour by hour if I have to!

Last a habit I can get rid of: I can stop worrying or thinking negative thoughts. It's just not productive, and doesn't relieve me in any way.

Instead look on the bright side. There always is; even though it's sometimes hard to find.

So what habit(s) are you keeping moving forward?

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