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Anyone can learn how to change their lifestyle for the better. The internet is full of free information to take. But like many things in life, it’s always the beginnings that are the toughest. So what separates the successful from the ones that are not?

For one thing, the successful have found their Why: their core absolute reason for their change.

External motivation - such as praise from peers - is temporary and after a while will fade or change over time. However, the internal motivation - the why they make the choices that they make - will stay.

This is one of the attributes that separate accomplished coaches from others: they’re able to pinpoint their clients’ why. By articulating the persons’ why, you can remind them the reason behind the choices they make when they get off-track.

So, how do you find your own or others’ Why?

Begin by asking yourself why until you reach that emotional chord.

Me, for instance:

1. Why do I want to be a coach? Because I want to help people succeed.

2. Why do I want to help people succeed? Because it makes me happy, and I want everyone to know that anyone can succeed. There’s no magic pill, shortcut, or cheat code to be able to achieve your dreams and desires.

3. Why do you want everyone to know? Because it makes me angry, frustrated and sad when I see people give up or think they can’t achieve their goals because they stopped too early.

4. Why does it make you angry, frustrated or sad? It reminds me of when I felt so lost and hopeless.

5. Why were you so lost and hopeless? Because I chose to be. I don’t want to be that person anymore. And I don’t want others to feel that way too.

6. Why don’t you want yourself or others to feel hopeless? Because feeling hopeless will not change anything. Doing something about it, will. And when you do something about it, it is one of the most satisfying feeling you’ll ever get, knowing that you did something about it and you’re no longer helpless.

So let me ask you, what is your why?

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