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One of the most common questions I get since entering the fitness industry is: Do you make meal plans for your clients?

My answer is: No.


  1. Because meal plans just don’t work in the long run. It’s not a sustainable solution you can take with you once you’re done with them. They can be difficult to stick to.

  2. It is unnecessary. Unless you’re a professional athlete or a bodybuilder – i.e. people pay you for your body and/or athletic skills – you don’t need that level of precision.

  3. Plus, not many people enjoy the process of sticking to meal plans.

So instead, at absolUte we discuss ways that our clients can change their behavioral patterns to improve their diet.

The first step to solving a problem is to identify what the problem is. When it comes to food, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What are you eating daily? Are you eating from a fast food chain, or food you whipped up at home?

  2. How are you eating daily? Are you eating while you’re rushing and heading to work, or are you savoring your meal?

These are questions you need think about because they will help you see where you can make doable changes to your current lifestyle.

Once you’ve seen the holes, you can now take action steps to fill them up. Below are 4 tips that you can implement almost immediately.

  1. Prepare a food prep ritual You can do grocery shopping on the weekend, or order a delivery service. Something you can do to make it possible for you to have wholesome foods with you throughout the week

  2. Set yourself up for success Let’s face it, Life happens. And sometimes it makes it just that much harder for you to eat what you need. So try simple, easy strategies that you can stick to. Some examples include making sure the house is clear of “junk” food or waking up a little bit earlier in the morning to prepare a “better” breakfast.

  3. Take it one step at a time Don’t be worried about doing things too slowly. Baby steps is the way to go for lasting, permanent change. Doing too many things at once can overwhelm anyone. You wouldn’t wanna go 2 steps forward, 1 step back, would you?

  4. Enjoy the journey Do this because you want to. Don’t do it for the sake of results. It will be hard to maintain that way and will only stress you out. Do it so you can feel good about yourself.

What strategy will you start to implement today?

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