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Your health is like money. If you keep an eye on it, it won't go anywhere and it will stress you out.

But if you follow strategies to either make it grow, invest, or keep it up, before you know it you will have reached your original target goal.

Some areas that could use some strategy include:

  1. Nutrition This one may be obvious but choosing a sustainable way of eating could mean the difference between thriving and declining. Whether that means keto, intermittent fasting, intuitive eating, if it makes it easier for you, go for it.

  2. Stress management Our productivity and success depends on how well we can take on challenges in lives. Doing forms of self-care even for 10 minutes could do the body and mind some good.

  3. Sleep I'm not only talking about the quantity but also quality of sleep too. If you wake up exhausted even though you got 8 hours, that may be a sign you didn't get quality sleep. Consider creating a bed-time routine of some sort to help you get some well-deserved rest.

  4. Physical activity Did you know studies have shown that physical activity is good for both your body and mind? Do a variety of physical activities such as yoga, hiking, HIIT, martial arts and watch your mood and physicality evolve to a higher place.

What strategies are you taking to invest in your health?

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